story of THE photographer

Yoyo is a female photographer based in Hong Kong. She grows up in an environment full of art. Yoyo's primary school teacher found her talented in music as her can play a song on the piano just by listened to it once. At that time, she had never attended any piano class before.

Since then, Yoyo starts learning piano, singing choir and drawing.

Art becomes an very important element in her life.

Yoyo is a sensitive person. She gets attract by any kind of arts

such as, movies, drawings, musics, words

Yoyo can feel people's emotions easily, she moves to tears by seeing or hearing touching stories

She has great empathy and compassion.

Yoyo loves interacting with people. She worked as a flight attendant for a few years.

She always get compliment from passengers and colleagues saying that she is a heart warming person.

With all these personality and art background,

Yoyo focuses on capturing people's emotion, candid moments and stories

at the same time, create art

Joining the photoshoot by Yoyo will definitely make you know yourself better and

fall in love with yourself again.